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There are many opportunities for investments and finding the right one is imperative to your finances. Investing in a business can be risky, but very lucrative if the right investment comes along. Choosing a bad company to invest in can be damaging to your finances and very costly. There are a few basics of funding to find the right business and help minimize some of the risks:


Before looking for a specific business to invest in, talk with colleagues or people who have experience in investing in businesses. Gather contact information of local and successful investors to begin networking. Speaking with these investors will help you learn from their expertise and experiences with investing. It’s also good to talk with entrepreneurs who are familiar with the risks of investments. They can offer great insight and ideas on the right businesses to invest in. 

Determining Need

Once you’ve networked with local investors and entrepreneurs, start looking for the right investments. The best way to find the right business to invest in is to look for a service or product that is needed. An organization should be unique and provide a service or product that is not yet provided and needs to be distributed to the public. If you find an opportunity, ask yourself if there is indeed a need for the product or service. If another business has already met the demand, think about whether or not the new company will be able to do it better.

Location Matters

Even though you found a business with a product or service that meets a need, it could be in the wrong location. The demand for the need is usually determined by location. The company you’re looking to invest in might have a great product or service that will target unmet needs but is not in the right location. Think about whether the consumers in your location will spend their time and money in the product or service before investing your own money in the company. 

Interview the Company

The best way to determine if the business, company or entrepreneur is worth the investment is to talk with them. Reach out to the business and set up a time to interview them. In the interview talk about their business plan, financial strategy, and present and past investors. Make sure they have a clear and organized plan. Their business plan should be strong and have enough experience to back it up. Businesses with experience have much less risk and are a safer investment.