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Becoming an effective leader doesn’t happen overnight and takes years of practice. Just leading a group of people often will not cut it and as a great leader, you need to be engaged and active within your company. Below are a few traits that every great business leader should possess in the workplace as well as in their personal life.


Being self-aware is one of the most important characteristics of an effective leader. Inexperienced leaders will often try to cover their weaknesses up instead of being open and addressing them if there is an issue. They can often be unaware of what their actual weakness is and only play to their strengths. Eventually, this can leave someone vulnerable, and their work can suffer.


Great leaders lead their coworkers with enthusiasm. One of the biggest challenges in a workspace is getting everyone on the same page and leading them with enthusiasm will help make them enthusiastic as well. Employees don’t want to work for someone who doesn’t share the same characteristics they are being told they have to display in the office. As a leader, it’s important to show your fellow employees what enthusiasm is and the true commitment that it takes each day to embody those skills.


A great leader is a leader that treats others equally regardless of the situation. Leaders can’t often look at every situation, conflict, or personal issue in full detail. What is the most important is having a set of principles and practices in place that allows a leader to reach each outcome quicker and with the same fairness they would use if they had an extended period to look at the situation.


Business leaders must be both a practitioner and a facilitator in their place of work. Often a CEO will get too comfortable and stop being present in the day to day of their business. This leads to them falling out of touch with their employees, peers and their industry. To remain a constant leader in your business and your market, it is important to know the pulse of what’s happening in the office and know the relevant information about your business.