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The business world is always changing and adapting new ways to do things and get products to consumers. The integration of technological advancements will continue to propel the business world forward, but there are many other trends that business owners should keep their eyes focused on.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is infiltrating the business world through chatbots and virtual assistants. These AI devices are designed to improve customer experiences and streamline business operations. As customers become more and more familiar with AI, it will start to have a more significant presence on the company’s bottom line. AI applications are not necessary for every business, but they should be analyzed and considered to see how they could improve customer service transactions and other services offered throughout various companies.

Shipping Wars
Customers want the things they order as soon as they order them, so major retailers are attempting to bolster and improve their shipping options. Customers are placing value on fast, free shipping and shop online based on the option on free shipping and will even spend more money on products to reach the opportunity to receive free shipping. With the increase retailers are putting on shipping, there will be a need for shipping companies like UPS, FedEx and USPS to keep up with the higher demands.

Remote Options
The shift to remote work options has been brewing for a while. With the rise of technology in the workplace, employees can take their work with them and set up an office anywhere. 2019 will see less commuting to the office and more time spent working remotely. Programs like Skype and Google Drive allow employees to stay plugged into the office even when they are not physically there.

Generation Z in the Workplace
Millennials are stepping into prominent roles in the workplace making room for the next generation, aka “Generation Z” (born between 1995 and 2010) to enter entry-level positions. These individuals are eager to start their careers and will help create changes in the job market and throughout organizations. The earliest Gen Zer’s are going to be competitive and will create their own market that businesses should take advantage of and base advertisements and promotions towards them.