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Writing a job description is an important but potentially difficult endeavor. Companies and organizations do so hoping to attract the best prospective employees. The slightest mistakes could attract the wrong candidates and significantly slow the hiring process. Fortunately, the task of authoring a solid job description might be rendered more manageable by adhering to the following suggestions:

Include Specific Details

Some job descriptions fail to leave a mark because they lack the necessary specific details about the position in question. The best advertisements are those that include pertinent information including but not limited to the daily responsibilities of the job, a minimum level of required experience needed to be considered, the manner in which the role is pertinent to the function of the organization in question, as well as the salary and other benefits that come along with the position.

Discuss Unique Company Information

Well-written job descriptions will highlight notable information pertaining to the entity offering the position. Somewhere in the description should contain a few sentences about why the company or organization is unique, some of the entity’s noteworthy recent accomplishments, in addition to what its vision for the future is.

Explain Why A Prospective Employee Would Want To Work There

Eye-catching job descriptions will likely also include several enticing reasons why the prospective staff member would choose to work for the advertised company versus another employer. Such information traverses well beyond a competitive salary and benefits. The ad should inform the applicant what employment at this particular company will do for their career, what the working atmosphere is like and how the entity has contributed to the industry in question as a whole.

Clearly Define The Exact Job Title

Potential applicants should have a strong idea of the job their applying for. Ergo, prospective employers should describe the job title using as exact language as possible. For example, using a term such as “Writer” is not very descriptive and leaves much open to interpretation. However, offering the description “Science Writer” is much more concise and could therefore limit applicants to individuals who possess that type of professional background.

Do Not Require Unnecessary Application Materials

Granted, prospective employees often desire to weigh as many factors as they can before rendering a hiring decision. That said, placing extraordinary demands on the applicant by requiring the individual in question to submit numerous materials could be off putting and prevent the employer from attracting the top candidates.