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The trends in office design and layout have tremendously evolved in the past couple of years. The inception of new trends in office design has rapidly taken over from the old ideologies of ideal office space. Office designers now focus on enforcing the comfort of employees while helping nurture creativity by creating a suitable working office environment.

Flexible Designs

Flexibility in office space has to do with eliminating certain restrictions such as rigid office furniture. Modern flexible office designs incorporate features such as furniture that is adjustable to a particular employee’s needs. Office chairs are designed with wheels while tables have adjustable heights and shapes. Modern office spaces are also designed with transparent glass walls to extend visibility beyond the office rooms. This flexibility enhances the ability of employees to slightly adjust their working spaces when the need arises.

Collaborative Designs and Furniture

Offices are now increasingly adopting the need for workers to collaborate through small casual meetings. This concept is greatly enhanced by the creation of large, open office space with couches designed to accommodate between 3 and 4 persons per arrangement. The open space encourages inter-employee open discussion and informal meetings – a great environment for nurturing teamwork.

Technological Integrations

With technology creeping into the workplace at a steady pace, office designers are adopting the essence of technology by incorporating office designs that can accommodate various tech tools. Large offices are constructed and equipped with basic technological advancements such as video conferencing equipment and screens, desk-based telephone systems, laptop charging stations, and tablet support stands.

Integration of the Company’s History

Office designers have also adopted a trend whereby they incorporate elements of the company’s history into the available office space. This is commonly achieved where designers have furniture, décor, and signage displayed in special rooms and walkways from where employees can view them. Antique furniture dating as far back as when the company was new help remind the workers of the company’s past.

Integration of Nature

The natural environment is increasingly being adopted into office spaces through the use of simple mechanisms such as adding potted plants. Customization of office spaces by including live animals and pets such as dogs, cats, and caged birds also help liven up the office environment. This added layer of comfort is becoming a major trend, especially in individual personal office spaces where workers can customize their offices according to their desires.